Weather The Snow Storm With These 3 In-Home Workouts

By Walter Lewis

The snow storm hit us hard this weekend on the east coast; causing many of us to have cabin fever. When we are stuck inside, there is a tendency to eat more than normal. And we know the result of too many calories: in-home workoutweight and fat gain.

Stay on track with your fitness goals by weathering the storm, and incorporating one of these in-home workouts.

1.     DVD Workouts. Insanity, P90X, and Jullian Michaels are some of your more popular DVDs. These DVDs are not only perfect for helping keep your workouts on track at home, they help transform your body within 60 days.

2.     Wii Fitness and Xbox Fitness Video games. Zumba Fitness, Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout, and Just Dance are just a few games by Wii Fitness and Xbox. These games were designed to help you get in shape whatever your level or goal.

3.     Walter Lewis’ BodyWeight Fatburner

Don’t have Wii fitness, Xbox, or workout dvds, try my bodyweight fatburner.

a)     Jog In Place for 2 minutes

b)    Squats: Perform 15-25 repetitions

c)     Push-ups: Perform 15-25 repetitions

d)    Jumping Jacks: Perform 15-25 repetitions

Keep repeating cycle for 25 minutes.