Walter Lewis Featured in OK Magazine With Greek Idol Kalomira

By Kalomira
Photos by Bryan Jones Photography

a1ea317b-7520-4e05-8c9c-f8baeaa9c391Before I was pregnant, I was always working out with trainers. So after being pregnant I wasn’t nervous about gaining weight, because I really thought I could handle it and figured the weight would just come off! Well, after giving birth I became extremely overwhelmed and discouraged with my
body. I almost went into panic mode until my husband suggested I get a person trainer! Walter came to my rescue and completely helped me lose the weight. As soon as we started working together, I started to lose the weight! He helped me with my diet and better learn what to eat and what to not eat!

Walter’s training and guidance has been life changing! After giving birth to my twin boys in December, I became extremely overwhelmed with the amount of weight I had gained and with how much my body had changed. I feared I would never get my body back! Since I have been training with Walter, I have seen a HUGE difference! I can’t explain to you the joy I feel! He is extremely motivating and has helped me bring back the gym in my life in a positive way! I was 198 pounds pregnant and now I am down to 132 pounds! I fit into half of my jeans in my closet and can’t wait to get down to 115 (which was my original weight before pregnancy!)

Translation of Ok Magazine Article
greek Idol coverOK magazine title; “She lost 66 pounds in 4 months!” The 28 year old singer wants to get her body back after giving birth to twin boys. “Right now my scale says 132 pounds but when I was 9 months pregnant I had gotten up to 192 pounds! I still need to lose 17 pounds to get to my goal weight which is 115.” With the help of personal trainer Walter Lewis, one month after giving birth Kalomira started working out again and watching her diet. “I was getting tired a lot but when I started to see that I could fit into my jeans again, it gave me courage to continue.” She tells OK magazine that she follows a diet which includes raw and steamed vegetables, lots of fruits, chicken and fish.

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