Walk Off the Pounds Challenge
 Sep 5 - Oct 30

The Walk Away the Pounds Challenge is an easy, low impact, and effective exercise for
weight loss when combined with dietary changes. Dietary changes are simple and will
significantly increase weight loss.

Some people struggle to get enough walking steps daily due to arthritis, joint pain, and/or
chronic injuries. Is this you? Do you struggle to get enough exercise or walking steps in due
to these health or physical limitations? Or are you feeling discouraged because you are not
seeing results fast enough or none from walking?

The solution is the Walk Away the Pounds Challenge! This Challenge kicks off on
September 5 th . You could potentially lose over 16 pounds and 5 inches from your waist by
the end of it all!

With this program, you don’t have to worry about any intense or dangerous exercises. This
Challenge is gentle on your joints and easy to follow. Plus, it’s perfect for active adults from
ages 40 to 80 who don’t mind walking but want to lose weight and fat. You’ll be supported
by a team of coaches who will keep you motivated, track your progress, set health goals,
provide meal plans, and healthy recipes to help you lose weight and fat quickly. So why
wait? Sign up today and start feeling better about yourself – and start losing weight too!

Program includes

  •  Walking Challenge Leaderboard real-time rankings
  • Walking Weight-loss Meal Plan
  •  Step Challenge Incentives
  •  Coaching with Health Fitness Experts (TBD)

The program is FREE for all Virtual Bootcamp members with 1 year membership. 

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Cost: $499

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