Virtual Training Helped Me Lose 18 Pounds after My Wedding

By Jennifer Nails

jenniferI have always struggled with my weight throughout my life.  Things really got out of control with my weight when I got engaged last year February 2016.  You would think the total opposite, right?  You know trying to get into that fancy wedding dress would be motivating enough, but nope!  The pounds packed on as I stressed ate trying to plan this wedding.  From late night appointments with the wedding planner, to picking out flowers, to invitations, to seating charts, colors, lighting, programs, cake, keeping the bridal party in order, bridesmaid dresses, makeup, hair, hotel accommodations, etc.!  I could go on and on but that would just bore you.  Not to mention, my fiancé and I purchased a house, remodeled it and moved in during the time we were planning our wedding. This was all done in the short time frame of 7 months!  SEVEN MONTHS!!! So needless to say food was my best friend during this time lol.

Now flash forward several months, it’s January 2017. The wedding has come and gone, honeymoon is over and now my husband and I are comfortably settled into our new home.  The stress has long been gone, but I continue to eat.  I called this the hibernation phase lol.  I was so happy to be in love and finally spend time with my husband without all the other distractions that we spent most of our time snuggling on the couch, watching TV/movies and of course eating!  Of course here’s comes more weight gain. This is when I get a call from Walter asking if I would like to join his virtual body transformation program for the start of the New Year.  I jumped on the opportunity to join because even though I was enjoying my hibernation time with my husband, the reality was my clothes were too tight, I felt very tired all the time and just all around out of shape.

As a busy professional I knew that a virtual training program would be great for me.  Aside from the obvious benefits, its cost effective – no travel time or travel cost, the huge convenience factor – appointments are available outside regular office hours, and I can contact him anywhere there is phone service or the internet is available, the two (2) major key factors for me was the support and accountability.

  1. Support – It takes daily discipline to lose the weight and keep it off. I lack the discipline that keeps me from reaching my goals on my own.  So having someone like Walter through his Virtual Body Transformation program in my corner gave me the strength to keep going. I always have an experience professional by my side.
  2. Accountability – Having to provide weekly updates was very motivating for me. It can be hard to find the motivation to complete every exercise session planned for the week or eat the right things most of the time. For me knowing that I have someone other than myself to hold me accountable helps keep me on track during those difficult moments.

And I am proud to say I have lost a total of 18 pounds and counting thanks to the virtual body transformation program.