Virtual Training During the Pandemic Has Been Key to Maintaining My Fitness in Finland

By Agatha Mentz

Having Walter as a trainer during the pandemic was key in maintaining sanity and fitness. Many of my friends who were gym goers faded out of the gym zooms because there was no personal touch. Walter is interested in every single one of us, holds us accountable and mentors us while getting to the bottom of strengths and weaknesses. He is there for all of us whether it is through his group app or personal email.

I am a Stated Department spouse and serving a three year assignment in Finland as of July 2020. Landing in an unfamiliar city with jet lag, kids to prep for school, two week quarantine, gyms/studios closed, and not knowing anyone would have been a mess of a situation. Walter kept me grounded and kept me going. 

I was able to continue boot camp via zoom even with a 7 hour time difference.  My three or sometimes four group sessions a week of toning, weights, and cardio- taken care of!

Walter was my constant.  Felt like I was getting ahead in at least one area of my life- my well being- while everything else had to be figured out. Best part about Walter is that he is always available. If something isn’t working with food/exercise he is an email away.

What I love about these workouts is that its full body without collapsing and burning out on a machine or making excessive painful movements with large weights. A small corner of my living room, a mat, and my hand held weights.  In fact, I picked up cross country ski recently and if I was not exercising with Walter I would not have been physically ready to start such an endeavor.  Small movements, HUGE rewards!!