Virtual Training and Boot Camp Helped Me Lose 20 Pounds

By Andrea Tanner

I found out about Walter’s program through a friend who looks amazing. I was like “Girl what are you doing?” She told me she had a personal trainer. I thought about it, and asked her to give me his information. I had been thinking about using a trainer for awhile, since I had been unsuccessful of getting in-shape on my own.

I started the journey participating in Walter’s Virtual Weight Loss Program and Boot Camp at the end of July 2017. I’ve lost 20 lbs thus far. But, the journey doesn’t stop there. Walter has these online virtual workout programs that you follow independently and make you accountable. 

He sets up meals plans for you along with one-on-one coaching calls. Also he provides the group motivation calls. On Sundays, a small group of us meet for his boot camp. All of Walter’s programs and support have helped me stay on a successful path of losing the weight and living a healthier lifestyle.

Thank you Walter for all you’ve done. I am going to continue on this journey. I’m just so forever grateful!