Virtual Training and Coaching Helped Me Lose Weight, Get toned and Build Muscle

By Maria S.

My name is Maria S. and I’m 55. I met Walter years ago when the gym where I’d been working out for some time offered a free 1-1 session with a trainer. I’d also heard great things about Walter’s group classes, attended and enjoyed one, and ended up signing my son up for several months.

Then the pandemic hit and the gym shut down… happily, Walter alerted me to his on-line boot camp, so we signed up.  Walter’s “challenges” intrigued me, so I tried a couple, and, eventually, I signed up for one-on-one training.  That was the game-changer.  I was spending a ton of time working out, but not reaching my goals: weight loss, toning, and building muscle and strength.

Weight loss was a biggie–I’d gained so much over the last couple of years, despite hours spent exercising daily, that I was unable to fit in to a lot of my clothes.  Walter provided me with a workout regimen based on my goals and size, helped me be accountable for what I was eating, tweaking my food choices as needed, eliminating some bad habits, and, I can definitely see a difference. 

Admittedly, I was afraid to get on the scale for the first couple of weeks, so I’m not sure where I started. However, once I worked up the courage to get on the scale, I lost 18 pounds total (almost certainly more) over about a 2-month period.  There is definitely much more definition and muscle in the problem areas on which we focused. And, the best part is, not only do I fit into my clothes again, but some of them are actually too big! Working with Walter helped me learn how to maximize my gym/exercise time and, equally important, recognize that you can’t outrun a bad diet. I feel so much better and have had folks tell me they can definitely see a difference. Thanks Walter! Here’s to continuing the journey!