University of Maryland Basketball Player Dr. Branka Bogunovic loses 15 lbs and 4% Bodyfat in 3 Months

branka2Former University of Maryland Women’s Basketball Player Dr. Branka Bogunovic has been a consistent client who gave 100% effort every time we trained. She followed my exercise program diligently and exercised 6 days per week. Because of her consistent exercise effort and food journaling, Branka was able to achieve great results in a short time. Read her testimony.

“I’ve been training with Walter Lewis for four months. He is a very fit, knowledgeable, and dedicated trainer. As a busy professional, it was hard for me to get motivated and find time to train like I used to during my days as a former college athlete. Walter gave me a nutrition and workout plan based on the goals I set when I first met with him. He watched my exercise form and made sure I performed exercises correctly. Walter knows how to motivate and push you to get great results. I feel so much better, and now I am back to my usual energy level. Thanks to Walter’s motivation, guidance and superb training skills, I’ve lost about 15 lbs and 4% body fat in three months and I’m still going strong. I’ve also developed good muscle tone.”