The Ultimate Fitness Challenge Jumpstarted My Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle

By Tracy Smith

I started training with Walter Lewis back in May 2017. I went to his 1 day Ultimate Fitness Challenge with a friend. That’s when I jumpstarted my journey to a healthier lifestyle. It’s been so exciting. I have been receiving so much positive feedback from all of my friends and family. Everyone who sees me have been asking what am I doing.

Really it started with me changing my mindset about fitness and health. I decided that I was going to do something for myself. And I chose to join Walter’s Virtual Fitness Program and his Sunday Boot Camp class. The accountability and support system I’ve received from his program, along with the group motivation calls and meal plans have been phenomenal. Having those people that I can reach out to if I’m not having a great day has been life changing.

I really owe my success to Walter. When I broke my ankle during the course of the program, I cried out to Walter because I felt defeated. He said “Tracy you’ve come so far. Don’t get down on yourself.” And it’s true. I stop getting down on myself and got back out there. I kept moving, even with my walking boot. I kept working out and following the fitness program. By the way, I’ve lost almost 25 pounds thus far.

If there’s anybody out there thinking they can’t do it and don’t have enough time, you can. Take it from me. I’m not a morning person. I’ve been getting up and working out in the mornings; and attending Sunday Morning Boot Camps classes regularly. It’s been life changing. Thank you Walter for helping me get my fitness started again.