Two Steps to Turning Your Dream Body Into Reality

By Walter Lewis

1521747_403714793096592_585817520_nWe are already three weeks in 2014. If you want it to be the year you breakthrough, you are going to have to work for it! Not being able to achieve your fitness or life goals due to stress, lack of support from significant other, long working hours, the kids, too much debt, low energy, or hating your job have become repeated excuses for many. To make your dream body a reality, you must practice these two steps.

Step #1: Burn the mental fat. Mental fat is what I call a cluttered mind of negative thinking. If you are constantly thinking of reasons of why you can’t get in shape, you won’t. Negative comments to yourself may include: I don’t have time to exercise, I don’t have time to prepare my meals, I’m too tired to get up in the morning to exercise, I’m too old to get the body I want, or my stomach will never get tighter. This way of thinking causes you to accumulate mental fat. To burn mental fat, do the following:

a)      Surround yourself with positive family, friends, and others. And discontinue hanging with those who are negative. They can be energy sappers and contribute to your mental fat. Also, be sure that you are giving out positive energy to family, friends, and others; and not being an energy sapper. What you give out, you will get in return.

b)      Listen to positive speakers. This can include ministers or self-help gurus such as Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, or Les Brown.

c)      Meditate.

Step #2: Make A Plan and Follow it Until Your Goal is Accomplished. If your goals is to lose 30 pounds and reduce your bodyfat, follow a workout plan that will help you accomplish this goal. Most health and fitness programs such as bootcamps, P90X, Beachbody, Taebo, Weight Watchers, Medifast, a Jillian Michael programs, and Nutrisystem works. You just have to be consistent in following the program. It takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks to see changes in your body; 8-10 weeks, you’ll start to transform; and in 10 – 12 weeks, you see dramatic results.

No more excuses. Let’s turn your dream body into reality in 2014. Burn the mental fat. Make a plan and follow it until your goal is accomplished. Don’t wish for it. Work for it! Let’s make it happen this year.