Trying to Be Mistaken For Beyonce (March 2008)

by Dr. Terri Dove

Terri dovePretty much as long as I can remember I have been bigger than my peers. I was never overweight as a child just taller and thicker than most. I went through a growth spurt early that caused me by the time I was 10 yrs old to be taller than all my classmates and even my teacher. As one of a hand full of minority students, I also was shaped differently and was made to feel strange about having curves. However, I was active playing basketball and dancing. This kept my physique fairly lean up until graduate school. Long nights in the laboratory and late night study sessions combined with “fast foods” and “short funds” led to 70+ lbs of weight gain. To compound this, I have a super thin husband who loves me for who I am right now (as he should) but eats whatever he wants without a thought to weight gain. I have been trying in the last 4 years to lose weight, since I’ve been out of school; Yo-yoing on every diet program imaginable. I would see great results momentarily, but then before I knew it, right back to square one.

Working with the ladies and Walter has shown me that I don’t struggle with this alone. God, never gives you more than you can handle. Sweating and suffering together is a bonding experience. I was encouraged and accountable by the others when I didn’t give my all. I felt a responsibility to do my best, to get fit, not only for myself but for all those ladies (and gentlemen) who feel unmotivated, or who work-out alone and never see progress, or who feel like they are too embarrassed to work-out outdoors or with strangers. Walter, has shown me my inner strength. If I can do it, anyone can. Try exercising regularly. What is the worst that can happen; A healthy heart, lower cholesterol, more energy, better sex drive, trying to be mistaken for Beyonce.