Trainer and Expert Bios

Walter Lewis

Walter Lewis is an experienced fitness coach who has trained and motivated thousands of individuals for approximately 20 years. In 2019, Walter published his second book “Momentum: How to Build Resilient Self-Control and Crush Your Health and Fitness Goals.” Walter Lewis Fitness Solutions (WLFS) officially launched in in 2005. His clients include busy professionals, pageant models, celebrities, CEOs, Executives, and Corporations.

Education: RRCA Certified Running Coach; ACE Personal Trainer; Certified Wellness Coach; BA Business Administration, Averett University; MS Information Management, Marymount University

Expertise: Bootcamp, Health coach, Fitness coach, Nutrition coach

Dr. Katy Caballero

Dr. Katy Caballero, a fitness and nutrition expert. She has been developing and teaching yoga, pilates, and fitness programs for various studios since 2008. She teaches group and private Pilates mat, barre, and yoga lessons, and provides nutrition counseling to her clients with an emphasis on intuitive eating. She also teaches various virtual classes to WLFS clients including: Yoga, Pilates, Foam Rolling, Strength Training, and HITT.

Education: Ph.D. Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, Purdue University; MS in Health and Fitness, Purdue University

Expertise: Yoga, Foam rolling, Pilates, Stretch 

Dr. Naresh Gupta

Dr. Naresh Gupta is a Health Scientist and author of “Dr. Gupta’s Aquatic Yoga for Chronic Pain.” He retired from NIH on March 30, 2019. He is age 74 and a stroke survivor.  He has been a motivational speaker for the past 18 years, and has made many presentations on Ayurvedic Holistic Approaches, including: how to manage metabolic syndrome (abdominal obesity- waist circumference; diabetes and hypertension), how to improve body’s posture, balance and core as well as memory (yoga, foods, herbs), how to achieve lasting peace of
mind (deep breathing- mindfulness; and laughing yoga; chanting and dancing), how to reduce addiction and pain how to optimize nutrition (functional foods and herbs; Indian cooking) and graceful aging. He’s also conducted numerous guided meditation and gentle yoga sessions for WLFS. 

Expertise: Guided Meditation, Gentle Yoga 

Dr. Eleni Boosalis

Dr. Eleni Boosalis is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and the co-owner of Del Ray Psych & Wellness, LLC. She is passionate about working with people who are seeking to heal and evolve by using a holistic treatment approach. She has over 13 years of experience as a psychotherapist and clinician. Dr. Boosalis integrates mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis, energy psychology, and spirituality into her therapeutic approach. She enjoys treating adults who are experiencing disorders of anxiety and depression.

Education: Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, PsyD: Argosy University; BA in Psychology, George Washington University; Clinical Hypnotherapist; Past Life Regression Training from Dr. Brian Weiss; Omega Institute, Certified Reiki Level I and II Practitioner

Expertise: Hypnosis for Weight Loss; Mindful Eating

Sarah Waybright

Sarah Waybright is a Registered Dietitian and founder of the brand WhyFoodWorks. She did her Bachelor’s degree at Franklin & Marshall College, my Master of Science (MS) in Human Nutrition at Drexel University, and a dietetic internship through Utah State University’s distance program to become a Registered Dietitian (RD). In 2018, Sarah became LEAP certified (CLT) to offer food sensitivity evaluation to clients.

Expertise: Healthy Cooking Demonstrations

Dr. Megan Mascelli

business analyst

In 2005, Dr. Mascelli became an AFAA certified group ex instructor and in 2009 a NASM certified personal trainer. Since then she has loved training countless clients and earning her certification in many formats. Dr. Mascelli is a certified Taebo Instructor; and has done informercials and trained under the creator of Taebo, Billy Blanks.  She received her Ph.d from George Washington University in Education.

Expertise: Kickboxing

LaDonna Gatlin

business analyst

LaDonna is a licensed dance fitness instructor and has been teaching Zumba and dance classes for Walter Lewis Fitness Solutions since 2018. She has 10 years of experience in professional ballet, tap and jazz dance. She is also a licensed Mixxedfit instructor. Mixxedfit is a people inspired dance fitness program with body weight toning movements. She has been teaching weekly classes at The St. James and Golds Gym in Lorton, VA for two years. LaDonna is also a Registered Oncology Research Nurse for Virginia Cancer Specialists.

Expertise: Mixxfit

Jacomie Nel

Jacomie Nel of South Africa, is a registered dietitian with many years of experience in clinical practice. She worked for the Department of Health in South Africa as a Clinical Dietitian for several years. Also, she completed her Master's degree in Dietetics in 2019. She is extremely passionate about nutrition and health but most importantly she focuses on a holistic approach.

Expertise: Registered Dietician; Meal Plans

Dr. Camille Woodson

Dr. Camille Woodson is a board-certified Family Medicine Physician and is employed as a Medical Director for UnitedHealth Care. She has an opioid Addition Management practice in Columbia, MD. She received her medical degree from University of Toledo College of Medicine 1999 and completed her residency in 2002 at the University of Maryland in Baltimore.

Expertise: Woman's Health

Dr. Branda Bradley 

Dr. Brenda Bradley is a certified Health Coach. She attended Hallelujah Acres Health Minister training in Gastonia, North Carolina. She also attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, where she was trained in more than 100 dietary theories and studied a variety of lifestyle coaching methods. Dr. Bradley earned her doctorate in Organizational Management from Capella University.

Expertise: Plant-based lifestyle living

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