Top 4 Reasons Why People Fail To Get In Shape

weightloss failureWhen it comes to getting in shape, your results will be determined by three factors: healthy eating, cardiovascular training, and resistance training.

If you perform all three factors consistently for at least six weeks, you will see positive change in your body and health.    However, not consistently following a plan that includes these three factors will lead to failure.

Here are the top four reasons why many fail in eating healthy and are not consistent in following cardiovascular and resistance training.

  1. Setting Unrealistic Fitness Goals. Setting fitness goals is beneficial for improving your health. However, if you’ve never exercised before, it’s unlikely that you will run a full marathon in six weeks. Setting unrealistic fitness goals lead to stress and failure. A more realistic goal is walking/jogging a 5k in six weeks.
  2. No Fitness Plan. Have you gone to the gym, started working out, but aren’t really sure what you’re doing or why, and then just leave feeling frustrated? A workout plan is as important to you as a blueprint is to a new house. You have to have a plan that is the blueprint to your fitness goal(s).
  3. Lack of Motivation. The biggest hurdle in beginning an exercise program is staying motivated. Dealing with lack of sleep, dehydration, and stressors of life can cause you to not follow through with your exercise program. Studies show that if you can stick with something for at least 30 days it usually becomes a habit that will stay with you for life. To stay motivated, you need support. Hire a trainer, join a bootcamp or exercise group. This will help you be accountable.
  4. Lack of Discipline. Motivational Speaker, Brian Tracy explains discipline as “The ability to do what you know you should do, whether you feel like it or not.” I agree. To reach your fitness goal, you must follow an exercise plan consistently until you achieve it. Falling into inconsistent exercise habits and sabotaging eating behaviors will lead to failure.