The Gaylord Stars Complete Their 1st Half Marathon (October 2011)

hmarathon1 (1)Since June 2011, I have been training a number of Gaylord Stars to run the Woodrow Wilson Half-Marathon. Over ten stars (teambreak through) participated in the race yesterday, October 2, 2011. For most, it was their first Half-Marathon. The hardwork, dedication, and consistency in attending the half-marathon class paid off as all members of teambreak completed all 13.1 miles and crossed the finish line.

Great job Team Breakthrough!  They did it!

1. Lisa Davis

2. Shirleen Henry-Lewis

3. Lynn Watson

4. Aneshia Grimes

5. Janelle Bowles

6. Alexis Wells

7. LaVonia Smith

8. LaKisha McGaney

9. Hatim Hamer

10. Bob Moore

Stay tuned for more photos and video clips of their successful journey.