The Breakthrough Mobile App Help Me Lose 15 lbs. in 7 Weeks

By Christine Paradise

My fitness and weight loss goals became a reality when I joined Walter’s Body Transformation Challenge and regularly used his Breakthrough Mobile App. I fell into a trap I’m sure that many find themselves in. Life was hectic, work was busy, and I had a million excuses as to why I couldn’t exercise and eat healthy. The last time I was living a christine mobile app photohealthy lifestyle was about three years ago when I was training with Walter. So I knew it was possible. I was just finding a lot of obstacles that I was creating into starting again; especially after a very long hiatus.

I’ll say this; Walter has all the motivation that you need. Based on some of our conversations earlier this year, he knew that my motivation was lacking. He reached out to me. We had a couple conversations of about what was holding me back. And honestly I didn’t have any reason. I had no excuses but excuses as to why it couldn’t work out. After some thought, I decided to give myself a chance to succeed.  And I’m happy I did. Within seven weeks I lost 15 pounds and many inches. This wasn’t the result of an expensive gym membership or surgery. My weight loss success and body fat reduction was a direct result of being educated through the Body Transformation Coaching program, tracking everything I ate and following my prescribed workouts through Walter’s Breakthrough mobile app. Daily, I logged everything I ate in the app. I found that logging my meals were imperative because it made me aware of whether I was going over my recommended calorie, carbohydrate, protein, and fat intake. This logging streak made me accountable. During my week long visit to Puerto Rico, I was still able to stay consistent with exercise by following along with the mobile app workout program that Walter setup for me. What I also love about the app, is that it links to my fitbit and automatically logs all of my steps daily on the calendar.

I am definitely reaping the benefits of Walter’s coaching program and mobile app. I am able to wear clothes that I haven’t worn in two years. Also I have been able to donate clothes that are too lose. It feels good to succeed.  Even when your motivation is lacking, Walter knows how to hit all the right buttons to keep you inspired.

Give yourself a chance to succeed as I did. Thank you Walter for helping me make great lifestyle changes and reach my goal.