The Best and Safe Alternative for Our Fitness Success: 10 Day Cleanse, Lean Body Program, & Virtual Bootcamp

By Patti W.


The 10-day cleanse help jumpstart me and Craig’s journey.  We lost 4-6 pounds each within 10 days. After finishing the cleanse, we signed up for the 14 Day Lean Body Program. This program helped us with some weight loss, but more importantly reinforced a cleaner eating routine. Walter’s coaching in both programs kept us accountable. We knew that when we were scheduled to talk with him, we needed to give a good report. If we practiced sabotaging eating behaviors or missed workouts, Walter would help us develop solutions and strategies to overcome struggles for the upcoming week.

Along with joining the 10 Day Cleanse and Lean Body Programs, we participated in Virtual Bootcamp. We have been doing the Virtual Bootcamp since day 1 of Walter starting the program. With the pandemic shutting down the gyms, this was the best and most safe alternative for us.  We love the flexibility of it.  If we miss a live session, we can always catch it on demand and fit it into our day. No excuses!

There are so many benefits from doing Virtual Bootcamp. The well-rounded HIIT workout program helps keep our weight off. If you are just starting out, this may be a great way to test the waters and get yourself into an exercise routine. For me, I think Personal Training is still important and can be used for targeting certain areas of the body or getting ready for an event – like a 5K.   That is how I originally got started with Walter like 6 years ago — a “Couch to 5K” program!  Now he’s stuck with us! Thus far, I’m down 16 pounds and two sizes in the waist. Craig lost 18 pounds and 2 inches from the waist.