Testimonials and Success Stories

Virtual Bootcamp Testimonials

"My mental health is so much better"

I love that I can roll out of bed and still work out with other people in virtual bootcamp. Also, I like that there are multiple day and time options to attend training. Walter is encouraging and alters exercises to fit your level. My mental health is so much better.

Erin d. - virtual bootcamp

"I have never exercised as hard as I do now."

The fact that all I need is a small space, mat, and some weights is awesome. Although class is virtual, I have to admit, that I have never exercised as hard as I do now. It’s motivating seeing Walter push himself through some challenging exercises. It inspires me to push myself and work harder.

agatha m. - virtual bootcamp

"Virtual bootcamp workouts are challenging but easy to follow along." 

Virtual Bootcamp workouts are challenging, but easy to follow along. And I love just getting to say hello to people that I don’t get to see in person at the moment.

susan y. - virtual bootcamp

Virtual Personal Training Testimonials

"The workouts are intense, fun, and a great way to clear my head." 

Prior to shelter in place, I was skeptical that virtual 1-on-1 training with Walter could have the same impact as in-person training. I am now a believer and have converted. The workouts are intense, fun, and a great way to clear your mind. Thanks Walter!

Nickie d. - virtual personal training

"Walter is a phenomenal trainer!"

Walter is a phenomenal trainer! He quickly transitioned to virtual workouts which was so convenient. He’s always inspiring and positive. Also he’s flexible to my busy schedule, and keeps the workouts fun, different, and challenging.

maria h. - virtual personal training

"Train online with Walter to help you be the best version of yourself." 

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn proper form or an expert looking to achieve a specific fitness goal, training on your own can be a daunting task. With gyms currently closed and social distancing measures in place, now is the perfect time to start training online with Walter and striving to be the best version of yourself.

c. douglas - virtual personal training


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