Taylor Dawson Places Runner Up in Her First Pageant

taylor training

By Taylor Dawson

I decided in the summer to run for Miss Maryland Teen USA because I  always wanted to participate in a pageant.  I tried to get in  shape on my own, but the results were slow.  I procrastinated, and then I  realized I only had three weeks before the pageant.  I asked my mom about  getting a personal trainer and she agreed.  So we searched on Google and found that Walter Lewis was not only a personal trainer, but one that specialized in beauty pageants.  He had a lot of great reviews so we called and made an appointment.  At the assessment he weighed, measured and developed a plan for me to get competition ready in a  short period of time.

I had a lot of work to do, but Walter always  believed in me and he was very encouraging.  Training with him was hard  work, but he always made it fun.  He always was there for questions and to push me in a positive way.   He developed a plan of working with me three times a week. We mostly did resistance training and focused on shaping my legs as well as running. The other four days of the week, he had me doing an hour of cardio as well as abdominal workouts.  Walter also put me on a very clean diet without bread and cheese.  I ate every three hours to keep my metabolism going.  I ate almonds, Greek yogurt, apples and peanut butter, plain tuna fish, grilled chicken, as well as spinach and green vegetables.  By the time of pageant weekend, I had lost 8 pounds, numerous inches, and my body-fat went from 23% to 19.7%!  By the last week before the pageant, I felt very confident that my body was swimsuit ready which I could not of done without Walter’s help!  I  ended up making 1st runner-up out of 86 beautiful girls for the title of Miss Maryland Teen USA. I was very excited to have gotten so far on my first pageant ever and I am very thankful we found him.  I also appreciated that he and his beautiful fiancé Cece came to support me at the pageant which was very nice and touching 🙂 Thank you  Walter!