Exciting New Changes for Walter Lewis Fitness Solutions

I want to share with you some really exciting news about the changes that we have been making. The pandemic has caused many businesses to struggle over the past 15 months but because of my great clients Walter Lewis Fitness Solutions was able to not only survive but thrive. I’m sure there was uncertainty about how we would operate to help you achieve health and fitness success during COVID 19. For me, there was never a doubt about how I would continue to train and help you get the best results.

When I started WLFS in 2005, my vision was to help those who struggled to lose weight, get toned, or get healthy, to achieve optimum health. I always aspired to help people all over the world and found the best way to do that was through a virtual platform. Through trial and error over the years, in particular the last 15 months, I’ve started to master the virtual training and coaching process. As a result of this process, most of you achieved your best results within the past year. During the pandemic, approximately 70 of you joined my Virtual Bootcamp and 42 Day Body Transformation Challenge Program. About 90% achieved one or all of the following: weight loss, body fat reduction, lost inches, and improved health. It is also notable that over the past year, the client attrition rate was incredibly low, at 3.5%.

Due to the growth of WLFS, I felt it necessary at this time to upgrade our operations and rebrand the business. Our business name, Walter Lewis Fitness Solutions, will remain the same. The rebranding and upgrade will include:

  1. WLFS app upgrade
  2. Program upgrades to Virtual Bootcamp, 10 Day Cleanse, and the 42 Day Challenge
  3. New swag gear
  4. Redesigned website
  5. New and seamless payment system
  6. New Blog, and more.

Over the past year, we’ve added more personnel to better serve you. Staff additions and experts include a Registered Dietician, Fitness Training Experts, and a Virtual Assistant. More programs and staff will be added to better serve you. Thanks again for being awesome clients and trusting me as your trainer.

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