Prolonging My Life to Raise My Grandson

By Glenn Spitzer

I am a 71 year old grandfather, and raising a 14 year old grandson who is active in Boy Scout.  I have a history of a pacemaker in 2000, and quadruple by-pass in 2005. Before I joined Merritt and Walter’s Weight Loss Warrior program, I weighed about 220 lbs and had low endurance and strength. My balance seemed to be getting worse too. I needed to get in shape for a Boy Scout trip to Canada for canoeing, hiking, camping, and fishing. I needed to hopefully prolong my life to raise my grandson.

I lost two sons and a daughter-in-law to drug overdose. My grandson Joe didn’t need to lose anyone else in his life. I needed to be able to pass the swimming test for the Boy Scout trip to which I haven’t in two years.

I saw Walter’s sign for joining the Weigh Loss Warrior program, and decided to try it out. It was just what I needed. Walter displayed caring and understanding when leading his sessions. He was able to adapt the activities to each individual depending on their unique situation.

At first, I was not able to perform too many sit-ups, and couldn’t lift more than 5-10 lbs comfortably. I had poor running endurance, and walked most of the time. Since June 2017, I have lost about 25 lbs.

I passed the swimming test and I survived the trip to the Canadian wilderness. We canoed over 50 miles between lakes carrying heavy backpacks and canoes over rocky muddy up-hill terrain.

At the present, I am continuing the Weight Loss Warrior Program. My original goal was to weigh 190 lbs which I am fast approaching. I am continuing to build strength, endurance, and maintain a healthy diet. Here’s to a longer healthier life. Thanks Walter! Sincerely Glenn.