Patti’s Transformation

By Patricia WeaverPatti before & After

I have had a love / hate  training relationship with Walter Lewis since June 2014!  It started all because of a 50th b-day bucket list item to run a 5K.   However, I have never run in my life!   We trained for 3 months and I was successful in completing my 1st race in September 2014.

Once that was done, I decided that I didn’t want to give up what I had worked so hard to accomplish and continued training with Walter twice a week, as well as added 2-3 other group cardio classes on my own during the week.  I continue down the path of training with Walter because it is the commitment that makes me go otherwise I would resort to excuses of why I didn’t need to work out.  So this keeps me on track!    So over the next year, I continued conditioning efforts working out 4-5 times per week, but realized I was not dropping weight and becoming leaner.   I expressed my concerns and ambitions showing Walter a picture of what I aspired to look like and he very truthful said “I can get you there.  But I can’t work you out any harder than I do, it is what you are eating and drinking that is keeping you from achieving your goals”.

I just couldn’t get this thru my head.  I was working out hard and burning calories – it should have been enough!   Clearly, I needed something else to get me over the hurdle so I set a new goal!

Walter was beginning a 12-week ELITE training program.   I signed up!   It was designed as a 1x/week boot camp for someone like me who worked out regularly but just needed a push to the next level.    It included other participants for some healthy encouragement and competition, along with weekly nutrition and weight goals and additional exercise homework.   All this effort lead to accomplishing a few ELITE challenge deliverables including a 5K, 10K, half marathon run, as well as an in-gym triathlon.   I started in September 2015 at 157 lbs and finished in twelve weeks at 139 lbs – an 18 lb drop that including measurement and body fat reduction!    I was VERY pleased with my transformation especially given the hard work that I put in to get there.

The difference for me was following Walter’s guidance not only about the exercise efforts but how to change my eating habits .  I had to stop fighting him.    It was not only what I ate/drank, but how much I was eating/drinking.   I recall one meal, I realized I was eating portions enough for 3 people!    Once I started to see the progress, I was hooked and it certainly made it easier for me to continue down this path.    It also doesn’t mean I stopped complaining about how hard it was either J    This is not to say that I am an angel only eating salads etc — but I now what I need to do and when I have those moments I know how to get the train back on the rails to keep myself in check.    I don’t want to put that weight back on ever.

Thanks Walter!   I couldn’t have done it without your guidance, support and friendship – you didn’t sugar coat it (“is that all you got?”) and I need that realization and sound check to help me keep transforming.   So while I made progress on my journey in 2015 and learned a ton about what I am capable of doing (okay, let’s just say I don’t need to do a half marathon again), I am not done.   I am currently planning my 2016 goals with Walter for what’s next !!