Paralyzed From the Waist Down, Set Me Up For A Comeback

By C.F.

Over 20 year ago I was a soldier in the US Army and a drunk driver ended my promising career. I was on my way leg physical therapyhome from a long day at work when I was hit by a drunk driver that left me paralyzed from the waist down.  I suffered a broken pelvic, fractured lower back among other injuries.  It took me almost 3 years to regain the full use of my legs.  I often thought of giving up because physical therapy was so painful but my Grandmother would not let me, giving up was not an option. With the support of my friends, family and fellow soldiers, I was almost back to normal.  As soon as I had regained the full use of my legs, I was in another car accident.  A drunk driver ran a red light and slammed into my driver side door.  I was devastated at the thought I had to go through it all over again.  Once again, I had to endure painful physical therapy but I pushed through.  I decided to leave the Army because I did not want to be on any kind of Medical waiver.  I have always maxed out on every test I have every taken in the Army to include my Annual Physical Training test, my competitive nature at work.

These two accidents left me battling constant pain.  I have screws in my back, knees and feet and did I mention that I also have arthritis in all my joints.  My doctor has told me that the best way to minimize the pain is to stay healthy and fit.  I started on a very intense training and I was in the best shape of my life for years until life got in the way.  I allowed everything else to come first to include my job. About a year ago, I went to the Doctor for my annual physical and was told that I was pre-diabetic.  I was very disappointed in myself knowing what my family history is.  I watched my Grandmother suffer then passed away from the complication of diabetes and high blood pressure.  I said that would not be me, and decided to do something about it. I changed my diet and started to work out a little.  I lost a little weight, but I lacked some motivation and wanted help. Also I wanted to be part of a group, so I decided to look on the internet for a program to join.

I was looking to join a boot camp and came across Walter Lewis’ Body Transformation Challenge. I was excited because that is exactly what I wanted to do.  I signed up for the 10 Week Body Transformation Challenge. I learned how to eat to live, portion size, and a lot more.  With the meal plans, exercise plans and the motivation provided, I lost 17 lbs and it felt so great to be on my journey back to health and fitness.  I wanted to continue my progress, so I signed up for a 2nd 10 week Body Transformation Challenge and Bootcamp. Walter’s dedication to health and fitness is infectious. His positive reinforcement is right on point and his genuine interest in your success is really motivating.  Walter’s Body Transformation Challenge was definitely a Breakthrough for me. The journey continues…