No Longer Am I Huffing And Puffing When I Run (August 2008)

By Michelle Lay, Patent Examiner

michellelaybef&af copyEveryday I passed this group of ladies that were working their buns off early in the morning with Walter.  Here I was walking to work, only knowing that I was just going to sit at my desk, with my coffee and  some kind of carby breakfast food. Finally I mustered the courage to contact Walter to start working  with him. I thought I was in decent shape with working out 3-4 times a week, but after the first couple Ultimate Fitness Challenge classes, I soon realized there was improvement to be made. I never trained  outdoors, and I thought I was having asthma problems because I found myself having a hard time  breathing. Walter said to watch my breathing, but felt that I needed to improve my conditioning. He was  right (of course)! After training with Walter, I have developed a diligent workout routine of exercising  almost every morning and using Walter’s weekly fitness challenge as my guide. My breathing has  improved 10 fold. No longer am I huffing and puffing when trying to run. Also, the food journals  required by Walter helped me realize my eating habits. Although I didn’t change them over night, by the  end of a month’s time, I noticed that I was giving up on the sweets and trying to stick to a balanced diet.  Now I’m noticing that I’m not trying, but naturally sticking to a balanced diet. I realized that there’s no  magic diet that you can do to become healthy and lose the weight easily. For me, it helped  tremendously to have exercises that departed from my norm and have someone push me to go beyond  what I would normally do. Many of us just sit in our offices, and if not in our offices, we spend time in  the car or in our homes. Then to top it off, we work out inside in the gym. Being able to workout  outside was a great alternative. The exercises did not always require equipment. I was able to take what
we did in class, and replicate the workouts at home or even when I went out of town. It does take time  and dedication, but once you start hearing everyone comment on how much weight you lost and how  good you look and how great you feel, it was worth the getting up in the morning and sweating it out!  While working out with Walter, my bodyfat went from 30.8% to 21%. Thanks Walter!