No Days Off Results In 27 Pounds Lost In Two Months

by Andres Fuentes

I started working with Walter through a recommendation by my sister-in-law. She had been working with him for a few months in his bootcamps, so I thought I’d give it a try. When I saw on his website that he also offered a virtual training and coaching option, which included access to bootcamps, I decided to enroll.

I started my journey on January 2, with the expectation of losing around 20 lbs in the four months I had signed up to work with him. I remember getting our first week assignment… 40 min of cardio for three days. My first reaction, “the most I’ve ever done in a single workout was 25 min, and he expects 15 min more? And consistently?” I did it the first day, and it wasn’t too bad. I really didn’t want to do it the second day, but through his app, I saw my fellow warriors committing, and it gave me the motivation to do it again. That was my first takeaway from working with Walter. He fosters a sense of community for his warriors, even though we’re dispersed across the area.

The first week of working out was tough, but I started seeing results right away, four pounds the first week. At the bootcamp I told Walter the great news, and like any great coach, he congratulated me but also challenged me to keep going. To capitalize on this small win to really get exponential results. So I kept on my exercise journey. In our weekly group meetings, Walter exposed us to nutritionists, dieticians, and psychologists to help us understand what beyond exercise we needed to consider as we worked towards a healthier lifestyle. In our 1-on-1s, we discuss the topics and he would help me adjust my food choices. That is the second takeaway of working with Walter, that even though he is working with numerous clients, he still takes time to focus on your individual progression.

Even though I started this journey two months ago with the expectation of losing 20 pounds, I’ve already lost 27 pounds, and will hopefully reach my long term goal of losing 60 pounds total in the next the three months. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve such success or keep the motivation to keep going at my pace without Walter’s guidance or support. I knew that losing weight meant looking and feeling better, but there are other benefits that I hadn’t thought about. I travel for work, and I’ve noticed that I fit in those airplane seats so much easier!

For those that are thinking of starting their own personal journeys, I have a few pieces of advice that have helped me in my journey:

If you’re trying to really push yourself in a workout, chunk the extra amount of time you want to workout. For example, I’ll sometimes tell myself, just one minute more over and over again if I’m trying to do a long workout but losing steam or motivation.

  • Have realistic short term weight loss goals and stretch goals, but work towards the stretch goals. You’ll push yourself a little harder and even if you don’t meet your stretch goal, you can still have success.
  • When you go out to eat have a game plan. Look at the menu beforehand to see what’s available to eat and adjust your other meals before and after in case it’s heavier than you’d like, or if it’s saltier than you’d like.
  • Even though you have rest days, that doesn’t mean do absolutely nothing. I still do at least a 30 min workout on my rest days just so I can feel like I’m keeping my momentum.
  • If you do cardio on a machine (e.g. I do my cardio on an elliptical), invest in a show that you can watch while working out. I’ve found that funny or light hearted shows are great to workout to. If I’m in a good mood when I workout, I associate that activity with my good mood. It also helps you mentally preparing for your workout (e.g. saying you’re going to work out for 45 min vs. saying you’re going to workout and watch one episode of a 45 min show). There have been times where I’ve kept going with my workout because the show wasn’t done.
  • My biggest struggle is meal planning. It’s especially hard if you’re really the only one dieting. What I’ve found helps is building your meals to ensure proteins, veggies, and good carbs are included. It really comes in handy when you’re not in the mood to meal prep, but can easily make a hearty salad with hard boiled eggs, avocado, blueberries and spring mix.