My Mind is Shifting & My Body Has Continued to Transform- (Oct 2007)

by Tracy Legree, Patent Examiner

Before                                            After
weight: 235 lbs                            weight: 198 lbs

TracyLegree(before&after)Prior to participating and committing to following the eating plan with Walter, my eating habits were terrible. I had been exercising on my own, but had seen little results. So I decided to give Walter a call. I felt I had nothing to lose, except weight. The first couple of weeks were strict, but I made it through. I have to admit the eating plan was not easy and despite my weight loss, I was beginning to miss my old favorites (pizza and ice cream) by week four. However, with Walter’s constant encouragement, I was able to stick to the eating and exercise plan. After the fifth week ended, Walter allowed me to have a cheat day and I could hear the pizza calling my name. I tried it, but the pizza was not as good as I remembered; and wished I had some fruit instead. My mind is shifting and my body has continued to transform. While training with Walter, I have lost close to 40 lbs.

Lessons learned- Following a healthy diet is not as hard as I believed; as long as I follow a few rules.

1) Fresh fruit is a great way to curb my sweet tooth.

2) I must incorporate vegetables into my daily meals; and

3) Plan ahead! (I have to keep fruits and veggies available in the house. I need to take my lunch or commit to buying a salad or healthy meal for lunch).

Thanks Walter!