My Health and Fitness Success Through Virtual Bootcamp

By Ruth S.

I first met Walter when I did small group training to prepare for my first 5K at 50.  I really liked his training style and never thought I would be able to do it successfully. But with his help, I finished and was really happy with my time.  I moved from the area and was no longer able to continue training with Walter and started working out at local gym. And then when COVID hit, I wasn’t doing much at all to keep myself in shape. 

Patti my friend, gym training buddy, and 5K running partner reached out to me in September and told me about Walter’s Virtual BootCamp. I took the first class and realized just how long it had been. Even with walking 3 – 5 miles a day, it was no comparison to how I felt after the first class. I decided to join and have been attending on average four classes a week. I have seen a significant change in my stress level and endurance. I lost about five pounds but feel so much stronger and healthier and regret not taking any measurements prior to starting.  I love the classes and the flexibility! If I can’t make a class, the recorded sessions are available at my convenience. Thank you Walter for offering this!