My First Bachelorette Party Bootcamp

Several weeks ago, a young lady asked if I would conduct a bootcamp for her, but not just any “bootcamp,” a “Bachelorette Bootcamp Party!” Her Name is Jessica, a personal trainer in Arlington, VA. Joining Jessica, were her three friends Nicole, Katy, and Renee. The workout was held in Renee’s backyard and began with a Indian run warm-up introduction. Some of the exercise following the Indian run included partner- squats, pushups, lunges, hurdles, double-leg ab circles, chest press, partner resisted runs, uphill sprints, and 2 minute planks.

The ladies had a great time and really enjoyed the bootcamp workout. This was a unique request and experience for me. I had a good time and enjoyed training the ladies while they celebrated an important milestone in their friend’s life. Thanks Jessica, Renee, Nicole and Katy for inviting me to your Bachelorette “Bootcamp” Party.

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