Mitre Employees Become Family and Find Laughter In WLFS Bootcamp (April 2012)

A dedicated group of 15 MITRE employees tackles the Monday morning blahs and the Wednesday “hump” day blues by starting their day with exercise – in the parking lot.  What?   Led by Walter Lewis or Nicole Gillespie of Walter Lewis Fitness Solutions, LLC, the group moans and groans together – but in a good way.  Meet our outdoor Boot Camp champions:

Kathy – “I felt like I was stuck and not making progress.  This boot camp has propelled me to the next level and I’ve lost six lbs. since starting!   The first three weeks were painful but now I feel so much better.   The group environment is so encouraging; we all look out for each other and have a good laugh.   It challenges us to keep working harder.   I wanted to keep coming back and I will sign up for the next session.” 

Jae – “I thought it was going to be hard to get up and be able to move about so early in the morning – but this was fun! The best part was that we really did do it as a team … having partners made it fun, and the time went fast. It was over before I knew it!!!”

Deborah  – “I have thoroughly enjoyed the boot camp sessions.  They are held early in the morning and just the name “boot camp” inspired me to sign up.  Sometimes we need a little accountability to stay on an exercise regimen.  Walter and his staff have made exercise fun.  The team of participants are becoming like one huge family and find laughter amongst the exercise.  I have a great respect for Walter as he recognizes all of us individually and understands our strengths and weaknesses.  Always two ways to do the same exercise and he makes sure they are done correctly.   I would definitely recommend this program to others.”

Sue joined the group after repeatedly hearing the radio commercial where the person says, “it’s not about wearing a size 10 – it’s about my health.”