Lifestyle Changes Transformed Me Into Losing 34 Pounds and A Healthy Senior

By Harriett W.

I started my transformation with Walter in February of 2019, just after my 61st birthday. I realized that I needed to make lifestyle changes, if I wanted to be a healthy senior citizen. I had a very tough year from December 2017 through January 2018 with many personal losses and professional challenges. I ended up in a general funk and a very low point. 

Subsequently, I experienced a significant weight gain and a loss of motivation and energy. I seemed to be in a downward spiral.  My weight topped out at 191.8 pounds, and my lab test results for liver function, cholesterol, and sugar control were very unhealthy. I realized that I needed to do something! I tried for a month or so to reset things on my own with Weight Watchers, yoga class, and a fitness class here and there. I did have limited success and managed to go from 191.8 to 185 pounds (a change of 6.8 pounds), but things stalled. I still didn’t really have any additional strength or sense of wellbeing.

This is when I joined Walter’s fitness and training classes.  With his guidance, positive reinforcement, and cheerful nudging, I was able to see that I needed consistency, commitment, and reprioritization in order to reach my weight loss, fitness and health goals. I learned to make my fitness the priority and put my workouts high on the list of things that I had to do consistently. More importantly, I also learned that this needed to be accompanied by making healthy clean eating choices and that this could be done without feeling deprived!  There are countless healthy eating choices!  I’ve learned to plan ahead and balance my eating and exercising with my lifestyle.  If I know that I’m going to splurge in my diet at a special event, then I make sure that I add extra workout time and am very careful eating for the day or so beforehand. 

My first class was so hard, and I could barely keep up!  I could hardly do one leg lift or pushup, and I couldn’t even think about running!  In spite of that, I was determined to stick with it and get more fit! I just knew that it had to be done! The variation in the workouts is the best! It keeps me engaged and hasn’t become too routine or boring. With Walter’s encouragement, I slowly saw my weight drop and my ability to keep up with the fitness challenges improve each week! I remember being totally surprised to see the numbers on the scale drop each week during weigh-ins.  After 7 months my weight dropped to my current weight of 151 pounds (a loss of 34 pounds). Additionally, my body fat has gone from 40.2% to 32%; and my lab test results are now well within normal range.

The benefits my new lifestyle and new self are numerous.  Besides the weight loss, I have more energy and a more positive outlook in general. I finally feel in control! I feel lighter, stronger, and more toned than ever before. I have no trouble at all keeping up with my grandchildren on the playground.I don’t sit and watch them anymore, but I actually join in on the games of tag and even win once in a while! 

If you are struggling to get healthier, just put forth some effort and try it! Some of the ideas (tracking everything that you eat, following a healthy meal plan, EXERCISING with cardio and resistance training faithfully, fully hydrating, sleeping enough, meditating) may seem strange, but at least try it all and see how you feel after putting forth an honest effort. You may actually find that it works for you and that you enjoy it! It may become your new lifestyle and create a new you! Thanks, Walter!