Kristy Loses 40 pounds with the help of WLFS Bootcamp,, CoWorkers, Family, and Friends

Kristy has been a member of the MITRE Corporation fitness center for over 3 years now and has been actively exercising for quite a while.   She was going to the fitness center and working out on the elliptical several times per week, but wasn’t really losing any weight.  She had tried many quick weight loss diets and lost weight, but gained it back again.When she went to donate blood during one of MITRE’s Blood drives, it was noted that her blood pressure was too high to donate blood.  This was upsetting to her personally because she was a recipient of multiple blood transfusions after she was involved in an accident and the transfusions saved her life.  She was disappointed and became determined to lose weight and reduce her blood pressure.  She did see her doctor who put her on medication.

She went to a web site,  which helped her determine what her daily calorie intake should be.  She started keeping track of her intake, gave up coffee and soda and bumped up her exercise routine.  She likes to do many different types of exercise to keep it fun and motivating.  She likes to include coworkers and neighbors, as well as her family.  She does a 90 Day Supreme video 3 times per week at home with her husband and does spinning classes with her daughter. She is on her 4th round of Walter Lewis Fitness Solutions “Boot camp” at MITRE. She says that Walter Lewis and his staff of instructors make the classes fun and are great motivators. Co-worker, Sophia Brock and  fitness coordinator, Dovalyn Woodruff have been big motivators as well.  Kristy participates in the WLFS boot camp twice a week, and takes a hot yoga. She also attended a belly dancing class and aerial yoga!  She exercises every day, sometimes in the morning as well as the evening. She also walks 5 miles per week, goes to the gym and also exercises with her husband and daughter at home.  “I didn’t know how much I was capable of doing.”  “I feel great, and have much more energy”.  She has lost 40 pounds and has gone down 2 clothing sizes.  Her blood pressure has gone down to a remarkably reduced normal blood pressure and will be reassessed by her physician to have her medication be discontinued.“I am so grateful that the WLFS boot camp program was offered, it has been very motivating.”  Kristy is really paying it forward to her fellow employees, neighbors and family members by getting them more active and involved in exercising.

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