I’m Leaner, Fitter, and Healthier Than I was Before I Got Pregnant

By Dr. Eleni Boosalis

I’m 42 years old and had my 3rd baby on November 18th. I had gained 54 lbs and weighed in at 187 lbs. I was overwhelmed with how to lose all that weight as I had no energy and was too tired to go up a flight of stairs. 


I began training with Walter on January 3rd 2017 (weight 152 lbs & 30.8% bodyfat) and today exactly 6 months later on June 3rd, I weigh in at 125 lbs and 20.8% bodyfat! I’m leaner, fitter, and healthier than I was before I got pregnant.

Walter has been the best trainer for me because his workouts have gotten me the quickest results in the shortest amount of time. He takes the time to listen and create a program that is individualized. He was able to target all of my problem areas and altered my workouts every time we met to keep my workouts efficient and never boring. I have learned how to workout independently without him as well and he has taught me how to avoid hitting a plateau which has happened in the past.

My advice to mothers over 40 years old who have multiple children and a busy life is to make yourself a priority. I feel there are 3 main challenges in getting fit-
1. time management
2. Staying motivated (long term)
3. Being organized with food prep

The only way for me to get it done was to schedule workouts in my daily schedule as if they were mandatory just like a work meeting would be or taking my child to school would be. You have to be just as important to yourself as your kids are to you, otherwise it is easy to get lost in “why am I doing this?”

Staying motivated happened for me by meeting with Walter. He helped me stay focused and look forward to the next goal. As I started to lose weight, get into my skinny clothes, and ran around after my three kids without being tired, the motivation grew.

The food prep also had to be a priority. Just as I made my kids lunches and dinners, I included myself as part of that. I realized there is no reason why I couldn’t prep my own healthy food as I was prepping my kid’s healthy food. I told myself if I do not take care of my physical health, my mental health will suffer as well and I won’t be the best parent and best version of myself I can be. At 42 years old with children ages 5, 3, and 6 months, I have more energy than I have had since my 20’s. Thank you Walter!