If I Get Under 200 Pounds, I Will Cry

Losing weight is a struggle, unique to each person. While some manage to drop the pounds with extra trips to the

gym or cutting back on junk food, the problems ran deeper for me.latisha before

When I was 25 yrs old, and mother of two; I started putting forth effort to lose weight. I weighed 225 pounds, and I tried every diet. Nothing worked. When I was 31 yrs old, I had my third child and I put on more weight. So from
the age of 31 to 38, my weight went to 258 pounds. Being at my heaviest I’ve ever been, I was so upset with myself for letting it get so out of hand.

In August 2015, I ran into Cece again after a couple of years. Our boys were on the same football team. She said “you know my husband, Walter does bootcamp. Why don’t you come check it out?” I was like ok the whole time still drinking soda and eating alot of junk food. I wasn’t mentally ready to change anything. One evening I was walking up a flight of steps and was so out of breathe. Then it clicked. I was ready to change.

I started bootcamp the first weekof September 2015. I was second guessing myself, if I was ready to do this or not. Walter was so patient with me and took my high blood pressure in account. The next couple of days after boot camp, I was so sore I couldn’t bend down to tie my shoes. Since the first day of boot camp I haven’t missed one.

My husband and I had a birthday party November 2015; I really didn’t notice a big change in myself yet. At the time I still saw the same me in the mirror. Even though I was down 16 pounds and some inches; at my party, I got so many compliments on how good I look. So I guess it was working.

Right after Christmas, Walter latisha afterasked me what my goals are. I said “weight loss and get off my blood pressure meds and to get under 200 pounds;” which I haven’t been since I was 18 yrs old. If he can make this happen, I would probably cry. He said join my breakthrough body transformation challenge and we can make this your first goal. So
with following the plan, I was under 200 pounds February 19, 2016. This was such a historic date for me, because it was the best feeling in the world. I couldn’t believe I did it.

Let me tell you it’s never too late to get in shape and healthy. To feel good about yourself inside and out is the best feeling in the world. I’m proof it can be done. I’m still a work in progress. As of now I’m 190 pounds and under 30% body fat. My total lost  51 pounds and 9% body fat. So let’s not get in shape for the warm weather, let’s get healthy for life.