I Used To Drink 21 Diets Cokes A Week, Now I Drink None

By Anne Degnan

When I first started working with Walter in October 2018, I was drinking up to 21 diet cokes a week! I would drink one in the morning since I don’t drink coffee, then when I felt sluggish in the afternoon I would have another, and sometimes I’d have another one with dinner! Walter said the first priority was to eliminate them from my diet. The first question he asked on each weekly call was, how many diet cokes did you drink this week? Then he would help me set a goal for the next week; I remember 14 being my goal at the beginning.

Since Walter kept making it a priority on our calls, it finally sunk in how important it was that I eliminate diet cokes. We set lower and lower goals for the week.  I didn’t always reach that goal. Then on a call before Memorial Day weekend, Walter said I could have four “treats” until the next phone call, a week away, and that a diet coke would count as a treat.  I had multiple picnics to attend over that weekend and I didn’t want to waste a cheat item on a diet coke! So, I made the commitment to get through that weekend without a diet coke, and I did. I haven’t had one since! It took until the end of May 2019, but I didn’t give up because Walter didn’t give up. 

I know that Walter’s virtual program was key to my success. I have a whole new mindset now. Having the discipline to avoid drinking diet sodas is giving me more discipline with other areas of my life. When I couldn’t control drinking diet soda, it made me feel like I couldn’t control other things. So I’m changing my habits with food now, increasing the amount of vegetables and fruit that I eat, and eating less and less sugar and processed food. With these changes, I actually have more energy. I don’t feel as sluggish in the afternoons. I don’t feel as achy as I used to feel. So I can increase the intensity of my workouts and I am gradually losing weight! What I love about the virtual program is having Walter hold me accountable; I can’t make excuses. The weekly call, where I can ask questions and get feedback on my week, is invaluable! I am confident that I WILL reach my goals! Thanks, Walter!