I Thought I Had Plenty of Time to Get Healthy

By Mike A.

Deep down, many of us want to eat better, exercise more and be healthier. We promise to ourselves and others that I am going to start getting in shape or eating better but I’ll start tomorrow.  Pretty soon, too many tomorrows become weeks, months and years and we never get on track to becoming a healthier version of ourselves. Sometimes those future promises to get healthy come at a cost. In my own case, I thought I had plenty of time to get healthy.

However, my own delays contributed to a health scare six years ago on my birthday. As I lay in the Intensive Care Unit recovering, I contemplated all I could have lost that day – my wife, my kids and my life.  I fully came to realize that what started out as a bad birthday, turned into one of the best birthday gifts I had ever received—a second chance to be with my family, to take control of my life and get back in shape, have a healthier lifestyle. I realized that I just could not say I wanted to do it—I had to take responsibility myself to take better care of myself. While the road back to a healthier lifestyle took time, I immediately changed my diet starting in that hospital bed. I then started exercising (under medical supervision) and lost 20 pounds over the next 6 months. Over the next several years, I got in much better shape. Although I liked the results I had achieved, I wanted to get in even better shape. Therefore, I hired Walter to take my fitness to the next level.

Walter is our fitness instructor at my employer, and I felt he always has a great approach to interacting with his clients. He could figure out what was motivating individuals to come to the gym. Walter also exudes a total positive approach to fitness, and always takes the right approach with his clients –  knowing when to push individuals to be their best and knowing when to back off. He was very sensitive to individual limitations, and barriers the person may be facing. He works with each person and helps them reach and achieve their goals.  Walter has like any great teacher the right “touch.” 

 Walter has been great, dedicated, and committed. He’s helped not just myself, but my wife, Jeanine, as well. Since training with Walter, we’ve incorporated a plant-based diet, with lower amounts of lean protein (chicken and fish) and more greens. We’ve also moved from a 3-based meal diet to 5/6 smaller meals per day. Also, I now exercise consistently 6 or more days a week, including a few two a days.

As a result, I’m much leaner, have reached my goal weight and body fat targets, and feel like I’m in the best shape of my life. Thanks, Walter!