I Lost 25 Pounds On My Impossible Comeback

By Kem H.

Have you ever felt like a comeback was almost impossible? Well that was me 15 months ago. I had just had my second baby. People kept saying just nurse the weight falls off. Well that was not working for me. My reality was the scale was not budging. I had zero energy and I was exhausted. However, I had just returned to work and none of my clothes fit.  I was too cheap to buy a new wardrobe and I didn’t want fat clothes. I decided to commit to making me healthier for my family and me. On this journey I have lost 25 pounds. I made exercising with Walter part of my schedule. I carved the time out. However, my kids schedules, my husbands work schedule or sick kids cause me to miss classes more often than I would like. Whenever this occurs I never allow myself to miss more than two workouts a week. Those days when life interferes I either start walking or work out at home.  When I can’t work out, I make sure my eating is as clean as possible.

The benefits I have enjoyed since I lost weight is more energy, feeling stronger, and sleeping better. One piece of advise I would give other mothers is to make time for yourself. Invest in your health and wellness. If you eat healthier, you feel better. As an added bonus, you teach good eating habits to your kids. Don’t forget, a life full of deprivation is not sustainable, so eat what you love; just either make a healthier version or eat it in moderation.