I Lost 20 Pounds In Ten Weeks

By Seth Rylander

Before joining the Body Transformation Challenge, I had been on a slow road of trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I Seth before&afterhave always had weight issues since I was a kid. I managed to keep my weight in check during my high school and college years. I played multiple sports and was always physically active. By the time I got to graduate school and started working full-time, the toll of stress, anxiety, and life in general caused me to seek comfort in the unhealthiest foods. This included processed foods, desserts, chips, and other snack foods. I had a significant weight gain in my 20s.

I decided about 4 years go that I needed to start making changes, because I didn’t want to be on the road to high blood pressure, diabetes or other health ailments due to an unhealthy lifestyle. However, it seemed that every time I started, some type of life event (job loss, death, etc) would get in the way and my efforts to get fit. By 2014, the efforts I made (diet and exercise) helped me to lose some weight. However, it was not consistent. I decided in 2016 to make significant change and sacrifices, but I wasn’t quite sure how.


I decided to participate in Walter’s Body Transformation Program that started in January 2016. By participating in the first body transformation challenge, I ended up losing over 20 plus pounds. I was ecstatic because I didn’t think I would start losing weight and see changes so quickly. And now, I am making better choices all the time, incorporating fruits and vegetables at every meal, making every effort to work out 5-6 times a week, and eating less junk and processed foods. I am not always perfect in achieving these choices all the time, but I have been more focused and disciplined than ever been before.


My next goal(s) for the upcoming Accelerated Body Transformation Program is to lose another 20-30 pounds as I continue reaching my long-term health goals. They include running marathons, outdoor sports, fitness competitions, and teaching fitness classes. I have made such progress that going back to bad eating habits, lack of exercise and other vices are simply not an option for me anymore.