I Lost 14 Pounds, Decreased Blood Pressure, and Sleep Much Better

By Michelle DolieslagerMichelle Dolieslager

I started working out with Walter Lewis about two years ago. At the time, I didn’t even know where to begin or get started. I was pretty apprehensive and afraid of exercising. When I was younger, I was involved in sports, was really active, ate whatever I wanted, and never gained weight. That all changed as I got older and definitely caught up with me. Some of my colleagues at work were involved in a fitness challenge and encouraged me to get started. I joined. Actually I’m really glad I did. Since working out with Walter, I lost 14 pounds, decreased my blood pressure, sleep much better, and eat healthier without getting cravings anymore.

If you are already fit and want to stay that way, or if you are not as fit and would like to make changes, or have absolutely no idea on how to get started, I encourage you to work with Walter Lewis. He knows how to motivate and encourage you so that you can make your fitness breakthrough.