I Lost 13 lbs in 4 Weeks After Breaking My Leg

By Lynne Watson

I have been training with Walter Lewis Fitness Solutions program since 2009.  He started helping me recover from foot surgery. Walter trained me to complete my first half marathon. Back in December 2015, I broke my leg.  I am 62Lynne Watson years old, and after sitting for four months recovering,  I needed help with losing weight and gaining mobility of my broken leg. So again, I called Walter for help. I signed up for his body transformation challenge in March.  After four weeks on the program, I lost 13 lbs. and 1 inch off my waist.  Walter personally structured exercises for me to help strengthen the muscles in my leg.  I have been so pleased with the results so far.  His transformation program and doing the weekly motivation calls have been very encouraging and informative. I use the Breakthrough nutrition app during the week to help me keep track of  my calorie count.  The weekly meal plans keep me focused.

Once you make up your mind that you want to do something about your health, Walter’s program will work for you.  You may not see him physically everyday, but he is there for you daily with support and encouragement to reach your goals.  Thank you Walter for being there for me!