Husband and Wife Team, Commute Their Way to Transformation

By Walter Lewis

Husband and Wife Team, Ernest and Sonja experienced dramatic changes in their physique through my Body Transformation Program that started in January 2016. They began training with me in January 2015 and had achieved great results within a year. However, after they joined the transformation challenge, their results doubled in half the time. Sonja, a Senior VP Commercial Banker is down 35 pounds and able to fit in her expensive business attire that she hasn’t worn since the early 90s. She went from size 18 plus bottoms and size 14/16 tops down to size 14/16 misses bottoms and size 12 tops. Ernest, an Engineer for the Government, is down 26 pounds and is now wearing fitted shirts and wearing a size 34 waist in pants.Sonja and Ernest

Besides our weekly training sessions, they have incorporated healthier eating habits which include preparing healthy meals on Sundays to get them through the week.  These two things combined helped Ernest and Sonja receive their amazing transformation results. With their busy schedule, it leaves little time for exercise. However, they became very creative in using their commuting time to fit in exercise. Sonja names their commuting time as commuter-cise, because they are rushing to their car, to the MARC train and then to the Metro. This allows her and Ernest to fit in those walking steps. To get additional walking steps, Sonja and Ernest will walk from work to the MARC Train station.

These two have proven that no matter how hectic work can be and with the support of each other as a team, you can always find a way to fit exercise into your busy schedule and achieve your most desired fitness results.