How I Overcame My Fitness Plateau

By Jillian Damiano

My workouts consisted of running, sprint intervals, and the same light, free-weight exercises. Jillian damianoI thought my routine was effective but would stop when I was tired or bored. Although I felt I was getting a good workout, in reality I was doing the minimum. I then hurt my hip and could no longer run or sprint. I grew even more bored at the gym with just the elliptical and a weight routine that no longer felt effective. I was unmotivated, at a plateau, and coming up with excuses to skip the gym because of my hip. In actuality, I just didn’t know how to adapt my workouts.

I worked with Walter for a few sessions last year and ran into him in the gym a year later. I enjoyed training with him for a few sessions a year ago and realized I needed his help. I have been working with Walter again twice a week for about 4.5 months. Walter has helped to transform my body by changing and varying my workout routines. I am constantly pushed with weight training by increasing my reps/sets, mixing in cardio and lifting much heavier weights. I am no longer bored and am motivated by the results. Because of this, I have noticed great changes in my body. I have much more muscle definition in my arms, legs, back and stomach and am stronger than I thought possible. Even with Thanksgiving, the holidays, and a vacation I am still able to see results. While working with Walter, I am held accountable and have learned different workout routines to do on my own on days that we don’t meet. Staying challenged has turned the gym into a hobby and something I enjoy.