How I Overcame Diabetes

By Yvonne Horton

I met Walter many years ago, long before Walter Lewis Fitness Solutions.  I had the esteemed pleasure of working out with Walter in the stairwells and outdoors in Crystal City, Va. and much later outside in the freezing cold in yvonneAlexandria, Va.  I thought I had success then, but clearly was unaware what exercise success was until now.

Although I worked out with Walter on and off and complained the entire time, Walter helped me run my first 5k and most of all he was there as I overcame my struggles with diabetes! Yes! Overcame! Walter watched my eating habits closely and continuously encouraged me.

I am back with Walter, eight years diabetes free. I currently live in South Carolina, and joined the Body Transformation Challenge in January. At the start of this portion of the body transformation session, we were asked “what is our why; and why are we doing this?”  When I really delved into my self-reflection as to my “why”, I realized that my “why” was much bigger than me and that involved my legacy. What am I or have I taught my own child, and will I be around to enjoy her children? Will I be able to be active with them? This was something I was not able to have with my own mother.  So, this time around, I am here transforming myself alongside my twenty-two year old daughter. And yes, I can match her in running interval sprints!  The success for me is not just being here and participating with my child, but also that I overcame diabetes.  Transformation success for me now is that I have actually mentally and physically embraced a healthy living lifestyle without complaints. And I really feel guilty when I fall off. Yes, I have fallen off many times, but my transformation has taught me to get back up and keep trying.

Fifteen pounds down and seven pounds of body fat lost, I am on my way to continuing my body transformation journey and to completing my first triathlon as a gift to myself for my 50th birthday! I had the desire in me, but Walter makes certain that I stay positive and focused even when I am struggling. Thanks Walter for all that you do, but thanks more for believing in me and for encouraging me to believe in myself.