How I Lost My Bulging Belly (January 2006)

By Lakeisha Henderson, Architect

Lakeisha HendersonSince I rode into work almost everyday prior to beginning my workouts with Walter, I felt that I was in very good shape.

However, I and others who teased me about “my little friend” agreed that it could not hurt to tone a little, especially considering my genes coupled with my healthy appetite. My little friend was never really that bad but you women out there with minimal positive curves know that we have to keep the gut tight to give the illusion of the coca-cola bottle figure. When I moved during the earlier part of my training and was no longer able to ride to work, I became concerned that I would have trouble reaching my fitness goal. When I was able to suck my stomach in and feel a concave curve, I realized I reached my turning point. Several lifestyle changes that have come as a result of Walter’s guidance will become permanent lifestyle changes. Following this guidance will not only help me maintain my awesome physique, but also put me on the path to permanent long term health so I can avoid paying outrageous prescription fees in my golden years (since I am sure Medicare will be non-existent by then). With a little more discipline in my diet and workout routine, I am sure that I will achieve and maintain a truly Awesome Physique.

Gradually my bulge began turning into a tighter tummy after paying closer attention to MY DIET. Although it did not hurt that I climbed two mountains, and ran 20 miles everyday before dawn. Seriously, my fabulous trainer Mr. Walter Lewis helped me to become more conscious of the direct impact specific foods had on what appeared to be a ever increasing little bulge. 1) I reduced my consumption of drinks like smoothies after realizing that natural sugars bloat me. When I did consume this drink I did it in the earlier part of the day. 2) I eliminated (almost) my intake of white flour products and replaced it with wheat or muti-grain inedients. Not only did this help my physique but I also noticed I did not have my usual seasonal allergies. 3) Resistance training workouts also helped tone many areas. 4) Increasing my protein intake helped accelerate my bodies ability to increase muscle and decrease body fat.

The dietary advice provided during our sessions (EAT MORE PROTEIN) helped me to become more conscious of the importance of the time of day I ate certain foods and the quantities I ate.

If you struggle losing your belly bulge, LISTEN TO WALTER. For me, the adding more protein to my diet played an important role. However, since each of our bodies is different, I would advise that you determine what type of diet is best (and realistic) for you. Also the small things like taking the stairs, walking/ biking instead of driving (it’s also more cost effective and better for the environment), and just adding more regular activity to your daily activities. Making sure you get your required sleep and drinking plenty of water also helps ( I am still working on this one).