How I Lost 14 Pounds

By Kim Thomas

Before                                                                                     After

kimbeforekimafterAlthough I have trained with other trainers in the past, I was never quite able to attain the results that I wanted. The previous trainers’ workouts seemed to be more of the “cookie-cutter variety” and not geared toward my particular fitness needs or goals. So I gave up on the notion that having a personal trainer was worth my time or money. However, the scale was not budging although I was a frequent fixture at my local gym. Desperate to lose the nagging pounds, I inquired with a couple of actual trainers and told them of my struggles. One name kept popping up….Walter Lewis.  After our initial meeting, I knew I had found my new trainer. Walter advised that he would not only train with me but also guide me along the way in how to make better food choices.  I have lost 14 lbs since I’ve started training with Walter!

His method of providing the ultimate outdoor total body workout has definitely knocked down the barriers and confines of my usual gym workout. At each session, not only does Walter provide a challenging workout but monitors my progress and provides nutritional advice so I am well aware of what changes I need to make in my diet and workout in order to promote growth, strength and endurance. It is this level of attention and expertise that sets Walter apart from others in the profession. My training experience with Walter has been nothing less than phenomenal.  Paired with his friendly deposition, drive and kindness, I definitely know that Walter takes a personal interest in my training and my overall well-being. I definitely feed off of Walter’s motivation and energy that he brings to each workout.

While exercising is necessary, the key really seems to be the food intake combined with a meaningful workout. Therefore, it is so imperative to keep a food journal to increase one’s awareness of daily food choices. I would add that keeping a food journal not only uncovers patterns that may be preventing you from seeing results but also provides self-awareness for the accountable of your own fitness goals.

Coming from the Deep South, “thickness” on a woman’s frame is definitely seen as being aesthetically pleasing. I have even had my “concerned” mother call me just to tell me to watch a T.V. program dealing with anorexic women. I have been teased and poked fun at more about losing the extra pounds and maintaining a healthy weight than I ever have when I was bordering on being obese. Nevertheless, the fact that I’ve seen the impact that chronic illnesses and unhealthy lifestyles has on my own family pushes me to break the cycle of complacency and take charge my own well-being.