How I drop 20 + lbs & Moved From 14% to 6% BodyFat (September 2008)

By Jerrell Berry, Senior Systems Engineer

Jerrell BerryWalter and his training, meal plans and food logs have been the key to me dropping the last 20+ lbs and moving from 14% body fat to 6% body fat as well as gaining amazing cardio and muscular condition and giving me a super strong core. This enabled me to do bike marathons

of 100 miles and 200 miles without issue as well as run a 5k and swim no problem and much more. The help in eating and fitness he has offered me along with incentive to learn and do other things for myself has made a complete package of total fitness, good eating and an overall healthy lifestyle. I could not have done it without his great experience and expertise in the realm of physical fitness training and mental strengthening as a package all meshed into one. No weather or circumstances ever swayed Walters approach and my dedication to the process made it all work like a charm and made me look and feel the best ever in my life! Thanks Walter!