How I Broke Out Of My Fitness Rut

By Sharon Holland

Before I began the Breakthrough program, I had been stuck in a fitness rut for several months waiting for the scale toSharon budge. I had lost motivation and was on the verge of accepting that the excess weight would never come off; and that I would never have the body that I always wanted. One day I was scrolling my facebook page, when I saw two of my colleagues. I was amazed by the dramatic results and intrigued by their success. I quickly sent a message to inquire about what they had done. I was told about the bootcamp that is offered by Walter Lewis Fitness Solutions on Sunday’s. The price was also reasonable, so I thought I would give it a try.

The class was a challenge , but I knew that was exactly what I needed. Throughout the course of the training program, I received ongoing support through coaching, meal plans, and weekly bootcamp. The scale started to budge, and I noticed that I have more endurance than I had before. I also notice that my clothes feel looser and I don’t have to do the extra pull to button my pants. I have included my family into my healthier lifestyle and I even shot hoops a few weeks ago. That’s something  I would have never done before. As this program comes to a close, I feel as though I have improved my fitness level. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to improve their overall health and quality of living.