Ginny Meerman, A Strong Competitor in Pageantry (August 2009)

By Ginny Meerman

ginnymrsusswimsuitA s a strong competitor in pageantry, one must develop and hone the fine arts of interviewing and stage presence, and truly enjoy the spirit of the competition. Our poise, grace, affability, articulation, beauty of face, and yes, our physique will be significant factors in the judging process of any beauty pageant competition. I am the type of pageant competitor that takes every aspect of a pageant competition to heart and dedicates 100% of myself to being the best that I am capable of being.

It was after winning the Maryland preliminary pageant to the Mrs. United States Pageant that I learned of a few areas that I could improve upon. (Even though I was crowned the “winner” and hold the Mrs. Maryland United States 2009 title, I have my heart looking to a bigger “prize”…the national title of Mrs. United States 2009…and now that there is always room for improvement). After hearing the comments made by the judges of the Maryland preliminary pageant, I realized that where I thought I was in great physical shape, I needed a bit of “upgrading”, specifically, I needed to tone up a bit. I knew I needed help…I needed a trainer to guide me.  The first person that came to mind was Walter Lewis. Why? Because I wanted the best; I deserve the best…Walter is the best. I needed not only motivation and inspiration, I needed EDUCATION…Walter provides that. From his kind eyes to dazzling smile, I knew Walter was a “good guy”, it was apparent that he not only was healthy, he practiced what he was preaching to others! The ultimate reward that I’ve received from my now nearly 7 weeks training with Walter is a better understanding of the direct effects of what I fuel my body with (what I eat) in correlation with how I feel physically and most important, how I LOOK! We’ve all heard, “you are what you eat”, but we really don’t understand that those bags of chips, slices of cake, pounds of butter, etc., etc. are the cause of those unsightly “jiggles” on our thighs, around our waists and on our hips…not to mention what damage has been caused internally (can we all say “clogged arteries”?!). Walter has put me on the path to a healthier and fitter me! I’m eating “clean” and I’m working hard to sculpt my body into a lean, mean fighting beauty pageant queen!

I’ve developed a few fitness tips of my own, using Walter’s motto, “Alter Your Mind, Transform Your Body”. Always think positively…about your new eating habits, about your workout, about YOU. Embrace the experience of transformation and ENJOY yourself in the process! You will learn, as have I, that being the best possible me – physically – leadsto being the best possible me emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well! And I couldn’t have done it without Walter Lewis…thank you Walter!