Gaylord National Harbor’s Biggest Loser- Janelle Bowles (March 2011)

Before                                                                        After
155 lbs                                                                      138 lbs

Janelle beforeJanelle-af[1]What inspired you to participate in the Biggest Loser?
Walter did! He said I bet if you stuck to it you could win! In 2009 I had reached my goal weight and after moving to the DC area and working around food every day I gained almost all of my weight back. Obviously so disappointed with myself I tried everything and was just bouncing back and forth. I finally decided to do what I could, when I could and to just do my best. The weight has come off more slowly this time but I am determine to get the rest off and keep it off this time!

What do you think help you win the Biggest Loser?
The bootcamps at Gaylord, along with my own workouts and diet changes all helped in my weight loss for the biggest loser. The bootcamps here at Gaylord with Walter have been great because they are always changing. He makes it interesting to come to class because you never know what to expect. Walter is also great in the sense that if you want to work on a specific area he is always willing to incorporate that into the class and provide options for all levels. It’s nice to feel little muscles aching that you didnt know were there! Zumba is also a great, which was recently added to the class schedule here at the Gaylord! I had a great time while burning extra calories. The classes are so convenient. Afterwork, it’s nice to go to the star fitness center to get a workout in on the treadmill or at bootcamp and/or Zumba. It saves me lots of time. I don’t have to worry about trying to work out when I get home. In addition to the bootcamp classes and zumba, I did runs anywhere from 5 to 20 miles several times a week, kickboxing, spinning, stairs, elliptical, and light weights. I exercised 6 to 7 days per week.

How important was diet in helping you succeed? And what did you eat?
Diet was very significant in my success of losing the weight. The major change in my diet was cutting out carbs and sugar. I ate a lot of lean meats, seafood, low fat dairy products and vegetables. In planning my meals, I typically would pick one day a week and prepare all of my meals. I measured out everything and stored it in tupperware containers. This is the fool proof method and there are no excuses about not having time to cook or make a healthy choice. What were your struggles and how did you overcome them? My biggest struggle will always be my sweet tooth. Its normal for me to want something sweet after meals so I did the best I could with chewing gum, sugar-free jello and pudding.