Flat Abs Class Help Me Lose 16 lbs in Six Weeks

By Leneetha Dyar 

Since the beginning of the Flat Abs Class that begun on June 28, 2014 to now, I’ve lost 16 lbs.  It’s amazing how good I feel right now!  The energysit up_001 that I have is unbelievable.  I don’t need that 3 pm nap any more.  Mind you, I get up at 4:00 am to get ready for work, and my days are long and sometimes very stressful.  I had tried every pill out there, especially the ones Dr. Oz suggested, and none of them have given me the results I’ve received with Walter.  It’s funny, cause I can now hold my stomach in and actually see my ribs.  I never used to be able to do that.  I can tie my shoes and not lose my breath while bent over tying my shoes.  The simple things in life that I realize I can now do with ease!

The class is “trying!”  But I love it.  Walter doesn’t give you any slack.  If you can’t do it one way, he will definitely find an alternative way for you to achieve the same results as the other members of the class.  I love the soreness I get after each class.  It’s a good soreness, which tells me what Walter is teaching me is working.  A couple of weeks ago, I had to miss class.  I felt so bad that I was going to miss my workout with Walter, I got up and did 45 minutes on the Elliptical, so I at least felt like I got some kind of work out in.  You get addicted to the good feeling you get after a workout and you want to keep doing them.

I’ve learned a better way of eating.  I like the clean eating that we incorporate in our meals.  I thought it would be hard to adjust to, but not at all.  I took the time to actually find some vegetarian recipes and they are delicious and non-fattening and most of all healthy.  I’ve learned with Walter, there’s no special pill or drug out there that can get you healthy, you, yourself have to make up your mind and do it.  And he encourages you the whole time.

If you have ever thought about doing a class, this class is worth every cent you put out for it.  No joke!  Because of my results, I plan on taking his “Bootcamp” class and any other class he has.  It’s worth the time and money.