Fighting To Get Healthy

By Ruth Sydnor

I am fighting to get healthy because my life depends upon it.  Last year, I had knee replacements onRuth both knees, along with a hip replacement. I also suffer from a pinch nerve in my lower back; which keeps me in constant pain. Because of the knee replacement, I didn’t do much exercise except through physical therapy and some walking.

Early this year, I started feeling out of shape and overweight. I got on the scale and it read 202 lbs. I have never been that heavy. I was out of breath when I walked, and it was a struggle to even tie my walking sneakers. When I looked in the mirror, I didn’t like what I was seeing. My clothes didn’t fit and I really didn’t want to go anywhere except to work.

After seeing Walter’s email newsletter, I decided to call him. Walter has always helped in the past, and I needed his help again. I informed him about my limitations, and he said he could help me work through them. I joined Walter’s Body Transformation Program on March 21, but nervous about what I could do. However, I was willing to make some kind of change.

With the Body Transformation Program came a customized meal plan and a weekly customize exercise plan. Walter customized my exercise program to include 3 days of water aerobics and 2 days of walking for at least 45 minutes. This exercise program was acceptable because of my limitations. It worked for me.

The beginning was a struggle, especially with the meal plan, because I was used to eating donuts, cookies, bread, with no portions control at all. Although things slowly begin to get better, I was ready to quit early on because of the struggle and my limitations. However, Walter would call and give me encouragement and support and let me know that the slow progress is good and not to look at the giant change all at once. Since March, I am down 9 pounds and counting. I get excited when I see the progress that I have made with the help of Walter and his Body Transformation Program. I will continue to fight to be Healthy, because I deserve it. I still can live life at it’s fullness, even with disabilities.