Fifteen Pounds Lighter- Brin Achieves Her Fitness Goal

In July 2013, Brin joined my bootcamp after finishing graduate school at the  University of Pittsburg. Her goal was to lose 15 lbs. She had broken her personal heaviest weight just over the course of six stressful months. One of her greatest achievements had been losing 10 lbs and 4 inches from her waist in November 2013.

Two months later, she achieved her fitness goal of losing 15 lbs. Mission accomplished. How did she do it? Exercising 5 days per week which included: attending bootcamp 3 days per week, exercising on her own for 2 days, and reducing her intake of one of her favorite foods- Pizza. Check out her before and after photo.

September 2013                                         January 2014

brin 2013brin 2014